Cigarette Rolling Machine to Fit Every Budget

So you want a cigarette rolling machine? Well then you've come to the right place these are some of the highest rated machines available for home use. Powermatic 2 Electric Cigarette Injector Machine Makes 100's and regular size cigarettes Easy to use Extremely well built Has a one year warranty         New

Roll Your Own Cigarettes Guide to Save You Lots of Money

Roll your own cigarettes, really? If you want cheap cigarettes then yes, absolutely! And no I’m not talking going all John Wayne I’m talking saving lots of cash for very little effort and minimal up front cost. Ok, to start with I understand that right now smoking is being attacked from any and every angle.

How to Install Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Being that there are three very popular types of child proof cabinet locks on the market I decided that this article would be helpful to more people if it included installation instructions on all three types. As apposed to just one of the three, even though in my personal opinion there is only one type

Fun Outside Kids Activities for Ages 5-10

Outside activities take advantage of good weather and fresh air and do not have to be expensive.  Get your six to ten year old away from the video and computer games out into the great outdoors! The following activities require a bit of pre-planning, but with small outlays for supplies and a little ingenuity can

Top 10 Outside Party Games for Kids

A birthday or other party outside in the summer months can be the perfect opportunity to allow your kids to indulge in some boisterous or messy fun that would be a nightmare to consider indoors, and almost any summertime outdoor activity can be adapted into a fun party game. The best outside party games are