Buying Wholesale Canning Jars and Lids

Wholesale Canning JarsEvery year gardeners from all over pack into Walmart’s, Kmart’s, Lowe’s, Dollar Store’s and every other retail store they can find looking for this years new supply of canning jars, lids and rings. And without fail these places completely run out of all but the oddest sizes of jars, lids and other canning supplies way before the canning season is over. Not only that but have you ever tried to find these items in the middle of winter or a time other than canning season? They become all but impossible to find, at least in stores.Now some people might be fine with all of this but others grow huge gardens and use massive amounts of jars and lids. And some even run small businesses like a local food stand that sells canned foods and preserves. These types of people have got to be able to get jars and supplies when they need them not when the store has them. If you are one of these people or you just need a large quantity of jars your best bet is buying bulk wholesale canning jars and lids. This is a much cheaper way to buy your supplies and depending on who you are buying from you are almost guaranteed to get the items you are looking for in a timely manner.

Where to Buy Wholesale Canning Jars and Lids

Now there are lots of places that sell wholesale items but if you are serious about getting the best deal with the best customer service then you should look for a wholesaler that specializes in the exact product you are looking to purchase in this case canning jars and lids. And here are a few online wholesalers that do just that.

  • – This company sells all types of canning supplies including glass jars, plastic jars, lids, labels, metal cans, can sealers and much more. There selection of canning jars is very basic and consists of typical sizes ranging from 4oz. to 64oz. They sell their jars in bulk starting at a minimum of one case but like most wholesalers the more you buy from them the cheaper the prices per piece. See their website for details on prices, shipping costs and other information.
  • – One look at their website and you know that if you are looking for jars this is the place to go. This small family owned business has been selling jars and other canning and candle making supplies since 1995. They have a huge selection of all types of jars that come in all shapes and sizes. for example the car sizes range form 1.5oz. all the way up to 320oz., that’s 2.5 gallons! They also have just as big a selection of lids and heat shrink bands. And if you are a candle maker you will be hard pressed to find a better place to purchase your candle making supplies. They carry everything you could need including candle containers, wax, fragrances and wicks. Another good thing about Fillmore is that if they don’t carry a type of jar you are looking for you can contact them and give them the information on what you need and they will do their best to find it for you.
  • – This is another great place to look for jars. They have a very large selection of clear, blue, green, amber and frosted jars that can be used for anything from honey to cosmetics.
  • – Here is an excellent place for all things canning and preserving. They carry pressure cookers, dehydrators, grinders, strainers and much more. And their canning jars selection isn’t too bad either, definitely worth a look. Another good thing about the Canning pantry is they sell custom labels which isn’t always necessary but gives your jars that extra something special.

There are a few other places you can go including and but they do not have quite the selection of some of the companies mentioned above. Also most of the places mention carry all the major brands of jar like Ball, Mason and Kerr so if you prefer one brand over another that should not be a problem.

Buying Used Canning Jars in Bulk

 Now another option you have that can save you some money is to buy used canning jars in bulk. You would simply be amazed at how many people have empty jars just lying around in basement and cellars. Now buying used probably isn’t going to work for someone running a business but for those that are just canning their gardens harvest it can work out great. Prices for used jars can very widely but many times you can get them for little or nothing if you know where to find them. A few places to search are flea markets, garage/yard sales, estate auctions or even friends and family. Another thing you can try is to ask your friends on Facebook and check the local buy, sell and trade pages on there too.

 So whether you’re a gardener, candle maker or sell canned goods at the local harvest it can be well worth your time to take a look at some of these sites. If for no other reason than to make sure you are not paying more than you should for your wholesale canning jars that you’re getting elsewhere.

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