Warmest Insulated Coveralls for Sale – Carhartt Extremes

Over the last 25 years I have owned more than my fair share of insulated coveralls. The first pair I ever got was a Christmas present from my dad when I was 10 years old. They were the classic Carhartt Duck coveralls with the quilt lining. At the time I thought where the warmest insulated coveralls ever. I loved those coveralls and simply abused them over the next few years until I finally didn’t fit any more. What’s funny is I actually still have them but now it’s my wife that wears them. To me it is simply amazing that they are in as good a shape as they are considering their age. But because of the high quality and durability of that first pair I have always bought the Carhartt brand when ever I have needed winter outerwear.

Warmest Insulated Coveralls I’ve Ever Owned

Now the only real reason I have owned more than a few pair of Carhartt’s is not because of a defective product butWarmest Insulated Coveralls because I have destroyed them. I always seem to tear them on something while doing things around the house and farm. Things like shoeing horses, climbing over barbed wire fences, roofing houses, ect. The benefit to this is getting to try most of what is available from Carhartt.

My all time favorite and the warmest insulated coveralls I have every owned are the ones I have now the Carhartt Arctic Quilt Lined Extremes. Let me tell you these things are warm, if you’re not careful they will have you sweating in no time. One of the main reasons I picked these over the other types I have had in the past is I wanted something to keep me warm while deer hunting. Here in Indiana we don’t have extremely cold winters compared to other places but it does get down in the twenties fairly regular. When you’re just sitting in a tree stand not moving twenty something is cold! Now hunting isn’t the only thing I do in my Carhartt Extremes. I can honestly say that they are perfect for any outdoor activity when it’s truly cold out.

Warmest Insulated Coveralls

A few things that make them so great are the durable Cordura nylon shell that is water resistant and windproof. They have a smooth nylon lining which helps when putting them on over other bulky cloths. The two way leg zippers (with snapping wind flaps) unzip all the way up to the waist. This makes it easy to get them on and off even with big boots on. And there are lots of pockets for storing tools and other items. They even have snaps under the collar for a hood, sold separately of course. I understand other coveralls have these features but the warmth of the Extremes is what makes them standout from other coveralls.

Best Price on the Carhartt Arctic Extreme Insulated Coveralls

When I first seen the Carhartt Extremes in stores I was a little taken back by the price. But I figured if they were as good as they sounded it would be well worth the money. Besides I do most of my shopping online and was sure I could find a better price than the ones I was seeing in the stores, which I did.

Of all the insulated coveralls available today it is hard to say for sure which ones are actually the warmest. But I am more than confident that if you do decide to buy the Carhartt Extremes that you will agree that they would be hard to beat.

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