Best Night light for Toddlers With Detailed Reviews

Finding the best night light for toddlers can make all the difference in the world at bed time. And being that every child is different my wife and I have had to use more than one type of nightlight over time to try and please our two young sons. The following is a review of the nightlight we have had the best luck with.

Kinderglo – The Best Night Light for Toddlers

Fear of the dark is one of the all time classic experiences of every child. Most of us whether we admit it or not still remember that paralyzing Kinderglo - Best Night Light for Toddlersfear of lying in the dark alone. For me the fear was something getting me if I had anything hanging over the edge of my bed. Thinking back I can’t remember the last time I had thought about that time in my life. That’s until about six months ago when my oldest son who’s almost four decided there were trolls under his bed. And he was not sure what but he knew for a fact that there was also something in his closet.

Now at first I found his stories cute and innocent. We tried to comfort him by turning the lights on and looking under his bed and in the closet. I explained how mommy and daddy were in the next room and how nothing would “get him”. Finally after almost two hours of talking, crying and excuses he finally fell asleep.

What We Tried That Didn’t Work

Since that time my wife and I have tried everything to comfort him. We started with a small night light by his bed. That worked for a while but it just wasn’t bright enough and the shadows it made on the walls only seemed to make things worse. Of course so did his addiction to Scooby Doo!

The next thing we tried was putting a small decorative lighthouse lamp my wife had on top of his dresser but it kept blowing bulbs so we felt it was unsafe. We then tried another small lamp that used nightlight bulbs. At first this lamp seemed to be the fix we were looking for. It was brighter than the nightlight so it didn’t cast funny shadows and it was a well made lamp that also looked nice in his room. But after about a week or so we noticed a new problem our son wasn’t sleeping through the night which had never been a problem. We decided that the lamp was just too bright and it was waking him up in the middle of the night. At this point we decided it was time to do some research online to see if there was a better option.

Portable Night Light for Toddlers

After a few days of searching online and reading parenting forums for the best night light for toddlers I came to the conclusion that we needed a night light that our son could hold.Best Night Lights for Toddlers Kind of like a little friend that he could sleep with to help him feel safe. So this is what we started looking for and to our surprise very quickly found what we thought would be the perfect nightlight, a KinderGlo Portable Night Light.

Of everything we looked at these seemed to be about the best around. They had excellent reviews, were safe to sleep with, non-toxic and came in fun animal shapes. The one we bought for our son was the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Glowy as he likes to call it. The KinderGlo nightlights are a small, about 5 inches, soft to the touch, BPA and lead free plastic toy. They do not get hot and are perfectly safe for your child to sleep with. They are easy to operate even for small children and have one large button that turns on the nice warm glowing light that can be set to a constant blue, green or red or can be set to slowly change colors every few seconds.

There are also two different settings for the light one keeps the light on continuously until it is either turned off or the battery goes dead which usually happens after about 8-10 hours. Or the other setting allows the light to slowly turn off after 30 minutes. We have used both but normally it stays on all night.

Changes After Using New Light

If you were wondering yes there is a bit of playing involved at bed time but it has been minimal and seems to keep their mind off other thoughts likes monsters and such. The instructions are short and very easy to understand also the lights come pre-charged so they are ready to go right out of the box. Oh and I almost forgot it is rechargeable and comes with a docking/charging station for when it is not in use.

Of course this light hasn’t completely ended the fear of the dark for our son but it has definitely helped. Now we only have an occasional bedtime problem were before it was almost nightly. One other thing we like about the KinderGlo is that it is portable and he can take it with him when we go on vacation or when he spends the night at Grandma’s. In our opinion it is easily one of the best night lights for toddlers available.


Update August of 2016:

Almost five years after writing this review my kids are still using the same Kinderglo T-Rex.

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