How to Install Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Being that there are three very popular types of child proof cabinet locks on the market I decided that this article would be helpful to more people if it included installation instructions on all three types. As apposed to just one of the three, even though in my personal opinion there is only one type of lock that should be used. You can see my reasons for feeling this way in this article “What is the Best Child Proof Cabinet Lock?” Anyway, now that pesky personal opinion out of the way lets find out how to install those locks.

How to Install Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Just for kicks let’s start with the magnetic locks. This style is a little more expensive and will definitely take longer to install than the other two types but you know what they say about getting out what you put in. These locks are great and I can not say enough good things about them.

Child Proof Cabinet Door Latch

As you will see in this video installing the latch type locks is very easy and can be done by anyone that can work a screwdriver.

Child Proof Sliding Cabinet Door Lock

The sliding locks are definitely the simplest child proof locks to install. They require no tools and as long as your cabinets have handles or knobs they should work.  Here is the video if you have any questions on how these locks work.

And there you go how to install each of the three most popular types of  child proof cabinet locks. If you happen to have a different style of lock that was not covered in this article and would like to know how to install it please leave a comment below with the type of lock it is. I will do my best to find a video of how it is installed. Or if you prefer to look yourself a good place to start is on and simply type in what you are wanting to know it the search box at the top of the page. And not to be annoying about the subject but if you have not already purchased your locks I do highly recommend taking a look at the article mentioned in the first paragraph about the best locks. I think you will be surprised by what you see. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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