Are Cribs that Convert to Beds Worth the Money?

First time parents have many difficult decisions almost from day one. And most of the time you have no idea if you have made the right choices until it is too late. That is why I have written this article on convertible cribs or what some call baby 4 in 1 cribs. My goal with

How to Repair a Lamp

Today was one of those great days were I learned a new skill. I now know how to repair a lamp that no longer works and if you read along I will teach how to repair one too! It is so easy that even if you have never touched a single electrical wire in your

Buying Wholesale Canning Jars and Lids

Every year gardeners from all over pack into Walmart’s, Kmart’s, Lowe’s, Dollar Store’s and every other retail store they can find looking for this years new supply of canning jars, lids and rings. And without fail these places completely run out of all but the oddest sizes of jars, lids and other canning supplies way