Roll Your Own Cigarettes Guide to Save You Lots of Money

Roll Your Own CigarettesRoll your own cigarettes, really? If you want cheap cigarettes then yes, absolutely! And no I’m not talking going all John Wayne I’m talking saving lots of cash for very little effort and minimal up front cost. Ok, to start with I understand that right now smoking is being attacked from any and every angle. And is about as un-cool as saying cool! I also completely understand the attack as I’m sure you do but like a bazillion other unhealthy things, some people just don’t care and they will continue to smoke’em if they got’em. If this is you then you know all to well that one of the ways they are attacking the habit is with costs or in another word “taxes”. And to some degree this is working.

Then there’s those people that have chosen the path of buying cheap “inexpensive” generic cigarettes which sounds good in theory but as we all know most of them taste bad, smell bad and really aren’t that much cheaper than Marlboro, Camels or any other name brand smoke. So the point I am trying to make here is if you want really high quality cigarettes at a dirt cheap price then consider rolling your own.

How to Roll a Cigarette

So we’ve covered why you should roll your own cigarettes now let’s cover how to roll our cigarettes. Besides at this point I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking “this guy wants me to start hand rolling my cigarettes like some old cowboy” kind of like the guy in this video.

No actually this isn’t what I meant, though you can if you want, it would be the absolute cheapest way to smoke plus you would look like a bad ass doing it. But trust me this is not the easiest thing do and I’m not sure how many people out there really want to smoke non-filtered cigarettes. Besides that on average it can take someone up to three hours to hand roll a carton of cigarettes. What I actually meant was to buy your self a cigarette rolling machine.

A Cigarette Rolling Machine = Cheap Cigarettes

New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

These nifty gadgets come in several designs from manual hand rollers (meaning powered by you Pictured to the left) that roll one cigarette at a time to electric cigarette injectors that can spit out a whole pack of smokes in about two minutes. The gist of the operation is you simply load lose tobacco and your choice of rolling paper, filter and/or tubes into the machine then roll the wheels, pull the handle or push the On button depending on which machine you own then tah-dah you have a cigarette or a bunch of them. The whole process can be timed in seconds it’s so fast and reduces the cost of your smokes from dollars to pennies. You just can’t beat it!

Now, as this article is meant only as introduction to cigarette rolling (Click Here To Learn More About Cigarette Rolling Machines) including a list of the best models available, how to use them, how much they cost and where you can get them.

Other Benefits to Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

Besides saving money there are a few other benefits to rolling your own cigarettes first of which is freshness which equals better tasting. Also since you will be buying lose cut tobacco you can customize your own flavor of cigarette. There are literally hundreds of different types of tobacco including flavors like mint, lemon, peach, mango, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and way too many others to name them all here. You can also buy different “blends” which are mixtures of different type’s tobacco and even herbal smoking blends. Another option is buying organic tobacco for those that don’t want all the chemicals and additives that typically added to the tobacco. Note that this doesn’t make smoking any less harmful to your health but it is an option.

Moisture Pouch Buttons for Fresh TobaccoWhen you do buy your tobacco it is probably best to buy small quantities especially at first when you’re still learning what you like. The reason for this is the tobacco gets dry and stale fast causing changes in the way it rolls and tastes. Keeping your tobacco moist is highly recommended and there are a few ways of doing this. One is to keep it sealed tightly in the bag it comes in another is to buy a tight sealing storage container and keep a moisture pouch button (Pictured To The Left Click Picture For Reviews and Pricing)  in there with it. Just remember the fresher the tobacco the fresher the cigarettes.

Cigarette Tubes, Rolling Papers and Cigarette Filter Tips

In case you don’t already know cigarette tubes are basically filtered cigarettes without the tobacco in them. They make rolling your own smokes about as easy as it can get. While rolling papers are just flat sheets of cigarette paper with a strip of glue on one end like the ones you see in the video above. And if you want to add a filter to your rolling paper you will need the cigarette filter tips to stick in one end which will actually make rolling them a little easier because you can form the paper around the filter.

Box of Cigarette Tubes     Zig Zag Cigarette Tubes Full Flavor King Size                               

   Rolling Papers 

Raw King Size Organic Cigarette Rolling Papers

  Bag of Cigarette Filter Tips

Unrefined Cotton Cigarette Filters

So with this collects of items you should now be only paying about $1.50 or so for a pack of cigarettes which means all this stuff will pay for itself in a very short time. Most people that roll using do so everyday while watching TV either in the morning or while relaxing in the evening.

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