Used Snow Plows for Pickups, ATV’s and Lawnmowers

Few pieces of equipment are as versatile as a snow plow not so much in what they do because they really only push snow around but more in how they can be use. I mean there are so many different types of plows available for example there are snow plows for trucks, tractors, ATV’s and even lawn mowers, shoot you can even mount them to cars and SUV’s if you’re feeling frisky and that’s all you have. But they are also great because they meet so many different needs cities use them, farmers use them, home owners use them, businesses use them and people even use them to make a living with, at least during the winter. Now for something so useful running out and buying a brand new snow plow might sound like a good idea especially if you plan to use it to make money with. But actually you would probably be much better off buying used snow plows for pickups, ATV’s and lawnmowers especially if you have never owned one or if money is tight. The reason for this is simple if you can do a little homework on what to watch out for when buying a used snow plow you can cut your investment costs in half which keeps more money in your pocket. Ok so you know you want a snow plow and you would rather buy a used one so where do you go to get one?

Where to Look for Used Snow Plows for Pickups, ATV’s and Lawnmowers

If you know where to look used snow plows can be found all over the place. Some of the best places to start your search that requires very little work on your part are the classified ads section of local new papers. Chances are you live very close to a least one large city maybe even more. Buy their news papers or find friends or family that subscribes to them you will be surprised what can be found. Another great place to look is auto/parts trader magazines. These can be found all over the place especially in gas stations so next time you need gas grab a few of these besides most of the time they are free. Online is another excellent place to look and really the options are almost endless. Some of the best places to start looking are Craigslist, eBay, truck forums and even the websites of some of the manufacturers of snow plows. And one other place that is full of people selling and trading is on Facebook just put the word out that you are looking.








Now if you’ve tried all of these types of places with little luck or would rather stick to offline searches you can do a little more foot work and start asking around. Some good places to inquire about good used plows are at local lawnmower and ATV dealer ships, local mechanics, or even local snow removal services.

What to Watch for When Buying Used

Ok so you’ve found a plow that has a good price how do you know if it’s a lemon or not? Well like they say there are never any guarantees but there are some things to look for when deciding to buy. Start by looking for any obvious damage like bent or broken parts including the welds on the A frame. Many times welds will crack or even break just from using the plow. These cracks or breaks are not the end of the world and all plows break eventually and can be fixed by any skilled welder. But if you find these cracks/breaks in the used plow you are looking at it is a good way to get the seller to lower the price. Other things to look out for are wiring, wire harnesses and hydraulic lines. These are all things that can become worn and corroded but all are replaceable. Also look for rust on the angle pistons and lift cylinder. They should be clean, shinny and free of pits. Looking for places of major wear is something else to watch for like if cutting edge has worn through to the bottom of the plow, this is not good. And lastly the moldboard should be free of rust. If it rusty the snow tends to stick and it makes it very difficult on all of your equipment including the truck. But as stated above just about everything on a plow can be fixed you just don’t want to pay more than have too especially if there is work to be done before you can use the plow.

Buying Parts for Your Used Plow

Now if you do decide to buy a used plow that needs some work you will have to find parts. Depending on what is broken parts can be found all over the place. Many local parts stores like Auto Zone and Napa will carry a lot of common parts and what they don’t carry can usually be ordered through tractor dealers, the snow plow manufacturers or even online. Buying online is typically one of the best places to buy because you can normally find the same parts for a much cheaper price.

Hopefully this information has been helpful because buying used snow plows for pickups and other vehicles is a great way to make some extra money on the side. Or at the very least make quick work of the driveways and work roads around the house.

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